​Qalat Al Hamra 
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​第二章 ~ナイルの息子が愛した音楽~





​Qalat Al Hamra 
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The Red Palace

​Vol.2 ~Musics that Nile's son loved~

The place is somewhere in Arab. There is a red palace that door is opened only once a year.

A one day in the palace, musicians from all over the world gathered and told the dancers about the one of great musician in the past.

He was called Nile's son and loved all over the Arab world. Unraveling that memories, his beloved musics become beautiful stories and overflow in the hall of the palace now.

Qalat al Hamra 第二章 ~ナイルの息子が愛した音楽~




Qalat al Hamra Vol.2 ~Musics that Nile's son loved~

Thank you for watching!! We are looking forward to see you again.

*Video distribution has ended on October 20th.(JST)

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About Us

Qalat al Hamra は、ERIKO・Sayaka・Naaya・Machiko・Mami、5人のDancerによるUnitです。



Musicians...  及川景子、Abdallah、山宮英仁、佐々木絵実​

Dancers...     ERIKO、Sayaka、Naaya、Machiko、Mami

撮影・編集…   石井哲也

Qalat al Hamra, We are a unit composed of 5 dancers, ERIKO, Sayaka, Naaya, Machiko and Mami.

We planned our first show in August 2019, and this summer we had the second performance with wonderful musicians.

For the first time, we will deliver a gorgeous video shotted and edited by video director Tetsuya Ishii for a limited time! Please enjoy this program.

Musicians...  Kyoko Oikawa, Abdallah, Hidehito Yamamiya, Emi Sasaki

Dancers...     ERIKO, Sayaka, Naaya, Machiko, Mami

Director...     Tetsuya Ishii